Stop Bidding and Start Living™
Want to Get Rid of Your Cash Flow Problem in 60 Days?
This Video Series Will Show You How to turn your Contracting Business into a Cash Flowing Machine
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Any contractor can stop bidding for low profit work by using the techniques taught in The Contractor Blueprint, because you learn how to create a constant stream of qualified leads, to use the right products to accelerate profitability, build long term wealth and how to delegate and automate the rest.
What you will learn with this Video Series
  •  Leads - Why they are the life blood of your business
  • Why Bidding is keeping your broke
  •  Profits - What jobs have them which ones are not worth doing 
  • Delegation and Automation- The key
  • to scaleablity 
  • ​Find the time freedom you have always desired 
  • ​Stop Bidding and Start Living™
Why give this info away Dave? What's the catch? 
I truly believe that once you learn how to turn your electrical business into a cash flowing money machine and how to make and keep more profit your life will never be the same. Naturally some people will want to hire me to help them do this instead of having to learn this in an online course. 
David Mulvaney - Entrepreneur - Author - Mentor - Coach
Look, if you're stuggling with cashflow you need to watch these 4 videos. I created them with you in mind. You can truly increase your profits by 5 times over the next 12 months and get on a path to freedom. You are going to learn how you can Stop Bidding and Start Living™. I speak from experience, my business stole 10 years of my life . I don't want the same thing to happen to you. I'm going to show you how to make and keep more profit, work far less and do what you love to do . Of course it will take time and effort but ask yourself. Are stressed out to the max right now? Are you tired of chasing low bid work ? Are you tired of being last in line on payday ? Are you tired of your suppliers selling direct to your customers ? If any of these describe watch the first video today and get on your way to turning your contracting business into a cashflowing machine.

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